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Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 102
18014 Ospedaletti (IM)
info@hotellaperladelcapo .com
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 Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 102
 18014 Ospedaletti (IM)


info@hotellaperladelcapo.com  +39 0184 199 33 75

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Ospedaletti Sanremo and the villages of the hinterland

Ospedaletti - Sanremo - Surroundings and Itineraries

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Apart from our singular position directly on the shoreline, we are also logistically well placed at just few km from San Remo, accessible by urban bus service, or by bike along the 24 kilometer foot and bike path, and only 20 kilometers from the Southern French border. You can reach Menton, Monaco-Monte Carlo or Nice easily and quickly via the A10 motorway.


  • 280 days of full sun even in the middle of winter.
  • On average there are about 55 mixed days and 20/30 cloudy days
  • Average winter temperature 14 ° and in summer 22 °
  • the large green oases create the benefit of a very oxygenated and healthy pure air.
  • It enjoys a favorable ventilation around 210 days of great calm and 130 of light breeze.
  • Low relative humidity (55 to 65%)


Arriving by car from the A10: take the Sanremo exit and follow the signs for Ospedaletti. At the end of the hairpin bends, at the traffic light on the Aurelia, on the right you go to the city center on the left towards Sanremo. Take direction Sanremo at the first traffic light keep right on the sea side go down and continue straight to the end of the road where you will find our hotel.

Arriving by train:
you should get off at the Bordighera station where you will find local bus service every 30 minutes that gets you Ospedaletti – otherwise take a Taxi

The nearest airport is NICE Cote d'Azur : which is about 50 km from Ospedaletti, by taxi the cost is around
€ 150.00


PARKING: we do not have many private parking spaces, however along the avenue or in the parking area around 800 meters away you can find a free parking space.

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Ospedaletti e Sanremo

Sanremo is Sanremo!! ........ however, Ospedaletti, also known as the City of Roses, is certainly a rare jewel of the Western Riviera. A classy town with its nineteenth century villas, its lushly lined Promenade in the center of the town, its easy access to all directions, the already mentioned soft micro climate and, we finish off the list with its rich History. Ospedaletti hosted the first gambling Casino in Italy, the first international flower market, the world's first urban Automobile/Motorcycle circuit was held here even before the now world famous Monte Carlo event. Fangio and Agostini are just two of the names that competed several times on this circuit.
The recent bike/footpath starting at Ospedaletti and ending at San Lorenzo al Mare (24 km away) gave the town new impetus with this additional outdoor venue. A beautiful, paved walkway on the newly renovated waterfront running parallel to beaches below, which include shops, restaurants and other leisure activities.

La Villa Sultana


The majestic and elegant "Villa la Sultana" is a monumental building with 3 domes.

The Societe Fonciere Lyonnaise decided to make Ospedaletti a luxury tourist center for the high European aristocracy.

He therefore entrusted the design of this splendid building to the architect Biasini, who was inspired by the style of his most illustrious colleague, Garnier.

In 1884 the first casino in Italy was inaugurated under license from the Prefect of Sanremo:

its tables will run until 1905, the date on which the license will pass to the city of Sanremo.

From that date the Sultana will function as a private club for social gatherings, congresses, symposia and important musical evenings.

Autodromo Sanremo - Ospedaletti


Built in 1947 and expanded in 1948, the urban circuit immediately came to the fore in the sport by hosting the Formula One Trophy, being the track approved for the Grand Prix.

On this circuit the most beautiful names of world competition from Ascari to Fangio, from Villoresi to Farina, and even Prince Tanaka from far Japan will compete.

However, after the suspension of the car races, the bikes will make this trophy famous.

The best drivers will perform on the difficult circuit, ranked third for difficulties worldwide



Cycle and pedestrian track Ospedaletti San Lorenzo al mare:  Youtube
24 Kilometers of highly appreciated cycle track. From Ospedaletti to San Lorenzo al mare, a disused
section of the railway, today a splendid walk a few meters from the beaches, some pristine, where it
is pleasant to breathe marine iodine and appreciate nature in all its facets.





Villages from the hinterland and the itineraries

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But the rest of Western Liguria and, in particular the hinterland, is just as amazing - with its numerous medieval villages - full of charming peculiarity and curious History. To name a few: Bussana Vecchia - Dolceacqua - The Principality of Seborga -Apricale - Triora (the inland village where ‘witches’ were long ago put to trial), Pigna plus numerous other places that we shall be happy to tell you about.


   Bussana Vecchia                                               Dolceaqua                                       Principato di seborga


                     Apricale                                                       Triora                                                           Pigna

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